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Offices can get tense and stressful as the days pass by. Employees and teams start to miss-coordinate, lose focus, and reach what we call the optimal suit peak. The cure is easy; book, recruit, and get armed at The Battlefield Egypt with our latest corporate care package! With game modes strategically designed to increase leadership, bonding, and team building skills – the corporate care package is the ideal environment change to let that tension break loose. Teams will have no choice but to turn their distractions into their reality and depend on one another for survival. The packages offer a variety of deals and experiences to suit your company size and needs. Better yet, choose our Commando package and get a customized team-building package for your company if you are looking to work on certain developmental aspects.

What we offer your team.

Team Work

With our corporate packages we target and boost your team work. This will help with problem solving and give a little friendly competition that will be used to motivate individuals and help the team excel.

Team Bonding

Every member of the team can offer their own unique knowledge and ability to help improve their other team members.The sharing of these qualities will allow team members to bond over them and portray them in the future.

Pressure Management

Each individual has their own strategy when it comes to dealing with stress and time. Thanks to some of our game modes that rely on timing, team members will work together to design and strategize a plan to deal with that pressure.

Leadership Trust

Two of our games modes target team members to pick a leader they are more flexible to trusting. Trust is key in war especially when it comes to your leader being held hostage.

Strategic Cooperation

Strategy is key in war and therefore the team will come to an agreement to pursue a set of agreed upon goals and objectives.


The mindset the team will have once entering our fields is a war approach. Team members will be put in a position where they will have to communicate in order to live and win.

Corprate Packages


  • Tournament Formation
  • Limited Corporate Game Modes
  • Team Building and Bonding
  • Arcade and PlayStation Lounge Access
  • Request Quote


  • Enhanced Tournament Formation
  • Customized Game Modes
  • Business Development Team Building
  • Arcade and Playstation Tournaments
  • Portable Field Availability (Venue Hosting)
  • Integrated Merchandise and
    Venue Meals Availability
  • Request Quote

Corprate Game Modes

The Battlefield Egypt Covert Rescue

Covert Rescue

The Battlefield Egypt Juggernaut Free For All

Juggernaut Free For All

The Battlefield Egypt Strategy Ground War

Strategy Ground War

The Battlefield Egypt Hacker Domination

Hacker Domination

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