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General Questions
Laser tag is an indoor physical activity. While it is supervised at all times, and we make every effort to ensure strict adherence to all of our rules, and prohibit running, we cannot assume any responsibility for any injuries that may occur. Our lasers are Class I laser products, and have not been directly linked with adverse health affects. We also employ the use of commercial fog, which is composed of food-grade mineral oil. If you are asthmatic, epileptic, have a heart condition, are currently pregnant, or if you suffer from any other health condition, you are personally responsible for deciding whether or not playing a moderately physical activity will be detrimental to your condition. We cannot under any circumstance give medical advice as to whether or not laser tag will pose a risk given your individual health record.
NO, but we have food and drink available in our lobby. Groups can arrange food sources and catering services if an event or party is booked.
We recommend our game for ages 14 and up! All customers over our age limit are welcome to play, as The Battlefield's spirit does not age. In certain scenarios, if customers just below the age limit are present and reveal their capability to handle the equipment, then they are more than welcome to play. However, the field's design and nature must be put into consideration as we do involve some horrifying animation. Customers must take such cases into consideration - on their own responsibility.
We offer locker boxes right before entering the field, as phone usage is prohibited inside. All boxes are under surveillance via our CCTV system. Unfortunately, we cannot be held responsible for any lost or stolen items not kept within the boxes.
We highly recommend that you do not wear open-toed shoes. Under no circumstances can anyone play laser tag barefoot. Remember that the arena is blacklit, so white or bright-colored clothing will glow, and darker clothes will help you stay out of enemy sight!
As long as you have a group to accommodate our field sizes, and have booked your session prior, you will be ensured game privacy and priority. However, customers can request to play with other groups if available and needed. Private events can be booked at additional cost, and reservations are a must.
Sorry, but no cell phones shall be used in The Battlefield's gaming area. We require your undivided attention in our safety briefing. We also don't want your cell phone to cause a distraction for others, making them miss important information. Those of you who cannot respect this rule simply cannot play. We will firmly, but politely ask you to leave the briefing room and arena if you use your cell phone in these areas. Please do not get angry at our employees, who are required to enforce this rule.