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The Battlefield Egypt Ground War

Ground War

Team deathmatch consists of three battles using medic boxes with unlimited respawns. The team with the least overall respawns wins the battles (no friendly fire). Statistical weapon recoils are inserted.

The Battlefield Egypt Free For All

Free For All

Every man for himself. After three battles, players with most hit points are ranked in winning order. Standard life consists of 5 HP per player. Players can purchase longer battle lives.

The Battlefield Egypt Domination


Ground war deathmatch with the aim of controling the middle base with the domination box for a longer period of time than the opposing team. The amount of time each team controls the base is recorded through the box. Unlimited respawn for the first three mins of each round.

The Battlefield Egypt Hardcore Combat

Hardcore Combat

Team deathmatch consists of three to five battles; players are out by death (one shot one kill) with friendly fire on. The surviving team wins the battles. Medic box for purchasing extra life/ammo are available. Statistical weapon recoils are inserted.

The Battlefield Egypt Recon Team

Recon Team

One-on-one / two-on-two combat with stand by team ready for back up infiltration.Tag team matches; winner remains in the arena.

The Battlefield Egypt Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse

Coming Soon in Halloween